Artisans at the Viaduc des Arts

From 26 april 2021 to 23 april 2028

A city of art and creation, the Parisian capital never ceases to illustrate itself in the artistic domain by taking several paths, including fashion and the visual arts. Proving a certain know-how and a surprising skill in everything it undertakes, its skills are appreciated and approved by the whole world. The Viaduc des Arts, located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, is the epitome of French ingenuity and know-how. Under its pink vaults, the viaduct is home to no less than 37 artisans from many fields including fashion, goldsmiths, architecture, furniture, painting restoration and many more!

Today we present a small selection of 5 innovative craftsmen...


The Art Up Deco Gallery


Tableau abstrait bleu et jauneArt and the acquisition of artistic works have often caused a cultural divide in society, as they are reserved for an elite that has easier access to the offer and is able to afford works of art with exorbitant prices. It was from this observation that the Art Up Déco gallery was born twenty years ago. Their ambition? To "make art accessible to all [and] demystify access to contemporary art" by offering works at reasonable prices for a minimum of around 80 euros.

It is with an audacious concept that the Art Up Deco gallery supports at the same time a hundred or so artists whom it carefully selects to present paintings and sculptures.

With the objective of democratizing art achieved, you will be able to access a wide range of paintings including abstract, figurative, floral, landscapes, still lifes but also pop art and street art. Diversified themes are proposed and will thus be able to satisfy all the tastes and all the desires!

In addition to its gallery in Paris, Art Up Déco has a gallery in Lyon.


The Tzuri Gueta workshop


We now turn to the presentation of an artist designer and textile engineer: Tzuri Gueta.

Tzuri Gueta is originally from Tel Aviv but crossed the continent in 1996 to Paris. He then lent his art and technique to many sectors, including fashion since 1998 (Thierry Mugler, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Azzaro, etc.) and the cinema (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, The Three Musketeers, etc.). It is often with silicon lace (patented in 2005) that Tzuri and his team continue to design objects, works of art and fantasy jewellery by hand and without machines. This material, which he loves to work with, allows him to represent creations that remind him of the sea and the nature of his native land.

This talent and overflowing creative spirit have earned the artist significant recognition for his work, with the added bonus of numerous awards including the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris (2009) and the Prix Créateur de la Fondation Ateliers d'Art de France (2011).

Tzuri Gueta launched his brand of jewellery and accessories in 2006. It is available on his website.



The Philippe Ferrandis workshop


Another designer makes incredible fantasy jewellery, although different from Tzuri Gueta, whose name and creations we mentioned earlier.

To design his jewellery and accessories since 1986, Philippe Ferrandis draws his inspiration from everything that surrounds him and what he enjoys: nature, travel, colour, painting, architecture, cinema and history. Together with his team, the designer then sketches the pieces that will be made into different jewels. He plans several materials, several products to present creations that can please and adapt to everyone.

With their strong character, Philippe Ferrandis' pieces have accompanied many brands, including Nina Ricci, Givenchy, Carolina Herrera and Balmain. Once again, the artist's work has won awards: in 2012, Philippe Ferrandis was awarded the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label by the French Ministry of Industry. This label recognises the prestige of the workshop's French know-how.

Philippe Ferrandis' creations are available on his website!



Jean-Charles Brosseau's brand


How can we not talk about Jean-Charles Brosseau if we now tackle the subject of French perfumery?Une femme se parfume

Jean-Charles Brosseau started out in fashion by creating his own brand of hats and accessories in 1955, in Paris. He then turned to perfumery by presenting his very first perfume BrossEau in 1978. But the Parisian fashion and haute couture school graduate would go on to achieve resounding success with his Ombre Rose fragrance. Launched three years after its first creation, Ombre Rose propelled Jean-Charles Brosseau to international prominence, with a major impact in the United States, the Middle East and Asia. It was French perfumer Pierre Bourdon (Kouros for Yves Saint-Laurent, Dolce Vita for Christian Dior, Challenge for Lacoste...) in collaboration with Françoise Caron who created Ombre Rose. This perfume with its "musky, vanilla, heliotrope and woody" notes inspired great perfume names and designers such as Kenzo (Flower by Kenzo Oriental), Nina Ricci (Premier Jour Le Parfum), Lancôme (Trésor) and Jean-Paul Gaultier (Classique).

L'Ombre Rose is still on sale on the Maison Jean-Charles Brosseau website!


La Confiturerie Confiture parisienne


A bit of culinary art this time to end on a high note with... jam!

What is the ingredient found in all jams, whatever the recipe? It is of course sugar! In ancient times, grape wine or honey was used to preserve fruit. Little by little, jams evolved over time and were made and used in different ways (pharmaceutical and digestive products, confectionery, etc.). It was the sugar imported from the Arab world during the Crusades (and intended for the richest people) that was to contribute to the development of the jam that we know today.

In France, jam has always been very popular and a jar of jam is often found on the table. To perpetuate this consumption and know-how that France has developed, two partners (Nadège Gaultier and Laura Goninet) decided to found Confiture Parisienne in 2015. With mainly "Made In France" products and traditional manufacturing, the brand brings jam in all its forms up to date. Each little jar carefully decorated offers a daring recipe: Strawberry pepper balsamic vinegar, carrot-passion-vanilla, Harissa... and more classic recipes. Each jam has its own story presented on the website and the brand has already made many collaborations (FeGH, Petrusse, Juan Arbelaez...).

Find your happiness on the Confiture parisienne website among the different ranges of the brand!

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